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Selling your Property

  1. Prepare your house to make a best possible first impression with the potential buyer (see tips elsewhere on this web site)

  2. Decide on best way to sell property, by considering various estate agents, advertising offered by private seller, media 24 and agent.

  3. If agent(s) are appointed, negotiate agent's commission payable on sale transaction.

  4. Obtain various certificates required to sell property these are:

    1. Electrical compliance certificate

    2. Original title deed (if applicable)

    3. Gas certificate (if applicable)

    4. Borehole certificate (if applicable)

    5. NHBRC certificate if new property.

  5. Consider sale offer from potential buyer and sign offer if accepted.

  6. The sale transaction should explain at least the following elements of the sales contract:

    1. The agreed price for the property.

    2. The rental agreed if seller or buyer will rent property from the other party before transfer.

    3. The agents commission applicable.

    4. Occupation date.

  7. List property defects.

  8. Appoint transfer attorney and forward sale agreement to transfer attorney.

  9. Furnish Fica and other documents to transfer attorney.

  10. Furnish bond account details to transfer attorney.

  11. Give notice to mortgage bank of intention to cancel bond.

  12. Maintain property until date of registration.

  13. Maintain bond installments until date of registration.

  14. Maintain property insurance until date of registration.

  15. Ensure that rates account is up to date and electrical and water meter are in good working condition.

  16. Request rates clearance figures from council.

  17. Ensure any outstanding tax queries are addressed with SARS.

  18. Sign transfer documents with transfer attorney.

  19. Furnish transfer attorney with banking details for payment of proceeds.

  20. Make payment of the rates clearance figures to the transfer attorney. It remains the duty of the seller to obtain his refund from the council.

  21. Make payment of the levy clearance figures/home owners association clearance figures (if applicable) to the transfer attorney.

  22. After registration of transfer ensure accounts are closed at local council.

  23. After registration change or close insurance on property.

What to do when Selling your property
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