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1. An application form must be completed.

2. Please note that no Services Certificate shall be issued by the Local Authority unless an application form has been completed by applicant.

3. External Service contributions must be paid. These figures will be requested by Legal Administration from the various Technical Departments.

4. Once the figures are received by Legal Administration you will be informed of the amount and be required to make payment by Bank Guaranteed.

5. Park endowment (if residential township) is obtained from the Valuation Department via Legal Administration who will make the request.

6. The Consulting Engineer has to submit outline schemes to Technical Service Department, i.e. Water, Sewer, Roads and Storm Water for approval. As-Built drawings are then submitted when the service is installed. These should be done to their satisfaction.

7. Services are installed and a request is made to the relevant Service Provider by the Consulting Engineer for inspection if the said service. Confirmation is made to Legal Administration at the request of the Consulting Engineer, by the Service Provider, that services as installed are acceptable.

8. Contact City Power for arrangements regarding electricity. If not City Power, than a letter is required from Eskom advising that arrangements for electricity to the Township has been completed to their satisfaction.

9. Where a public street is involved lighting clearance from City Power will be required.

10. Guarantees and undertakings may be requited. The relevant service department must advise the amount of theses. The format for the guarantees can be obtained from Legal Administration.

11. Legal Administration will draw up a Service Agreement setting out all the above details. The Agreement will need to be signed by the Developer and Council. A company resolution will be required authorizing the signatory of the Agreement.

12. A Section Services Certificate is then supplied by Legal Administration, advising the Registrar that transfers of erven may take place.

13. Please note that the Services Certificate does not constitute a rates clearance certificate and that a rates clearance will still be required separately.

14. Please note that the Services Certificate does not constitute an occupation certificate.

15. Occupation certificates are certificates issued for the construction of the houses

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