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What the buyer should do

  1. Sign the full Sale Agreement and Addendums (if any). Inspect the property.

  2. Request a list of property defects.

  3. Apply for bond (if applicable).

  4. Advise the transfer attorney once bond granted and which attorneys have been appointed by the bank to attend to the registration of the bond.

  5. Make payment of deposit to transfer attorney. Sign investment mandate form and furnish any supporting documents for funds to be invested.

  6. Furnish FICA documents to transfer and bond attorney.

  7. Ensure any outstanding tax queries are addressed with SARS.

  8. Sign transfer documents with transfer attorney when called upon to do so.

  9. Sign bond documents with bond attorney when called upon to do so.

  10. Make payment of transfer costs to transfer attorney.

  11. Make payment of bond costs to bond attorney.

  12. Pay occupational rent (if applicable).

  13. After registration ensure that you open a new account with the local municipality.


Documents to be supplied by the buyer to the attorney Click to download...

  1. Natural person / Close Corporation / Company / Trust?

    1. Natural Person

      1. identity document;

      2. marriage certificate;

      3. antenuptial contract;

      4. income tax number;

      5. proof of current physical address.

    1. Close Corporation

      1. CK1;

      2. CK2;

      3. Identity document of authorised signatory;

      4. Income tax number;

      5. VAT number;

      6. Proof of address of Corporation;

      7. Details of Accounting Officer.

    1. Company

      1. Certificate of Incorporation;

      2. Certificate to Commence Business;

      3. Memorandum of Incorporation;

      4. Copy of identity document of authorised signatory;

      5. Income tax number;

      6. Vat number;

      7. Proof of address of Company;

      8. Details of Auditor.

    1. Trust

      1. Letters of Authority;

      2. Trust Deed;

      3. Proof of address of Trust;

      4. Income Tax Number;

      5. VAT number;

      6. Copy of identity document of authorised signatory;

      7. Details of Auditor.


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What the buyer should do
Docs to be supplied by the buyer
Download Buyers Docs


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